The Fruit Basket

The Fruit basket was borne out of a necessity to create a space to accommodate every member of the LGBTQQIP2SAA Migrants Community here in South Africa.

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Our Vision

TFB envisions a society in which every person, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religious background and identity, or immigration status, is capable of pursuing, attaining, and retaining, meaningful and rewarding employment, education and/or different opportunities in a non-discriminatory, supportive, and enfranchising environment.

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Our Mission

TFB shall promote equity of opportunity for migrant and LGBTI+ communities through, activism, advocacy, community engagement, research, and training.

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Our Objectives 

TFB shall achieve its mission through the following objectives:


Promoting and supporting the legal recognition of African LGBTI+ migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees in a manner that is sensitive to their needs and in line with international laws and best practices.


Empowering all stakeholders involved in the employment of LGBTI+ migrants and asylum seekers/ refugees with skills, information, and psychosocial capacity to increase the employment and employability of African LGBTI+ migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees.


Promoting religious acceptance of LGBTI+ to ensure a holistic empowerment of the LGBTI+ migrant employee, student, entrepreneur .etc

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Equality...what does it mean to you?

We believe in "equal equals", not "some more than others"

To us, it's important that you are visible in the eyes of the law*

This is what we can help you with:

Civil Union 



Our Team

The people that keep this movement going

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Thomars Shamuyarira

Founder/Executive Director 

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Keval Harrie


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Anzio C. Jacobs


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John Marnell


Our Gallery